Bob Croft

Bob Croft (Qijian Ge) is a Multicultural Chinese Digital Solutions specialist and can support customers anywhere in NSW. He is a results-oriented business professional with a passion for driving small and medium business growth and success. With a solid background in marketing and entrepreneurship, he founded and scaled ventures across diverse sectors, equipping him with… Continue reading Bob Croft

Jae Won Kang

Dr. Jae Won Kang, a distinguished and multilingual advisor specialising in digital and social marketing for businesses across various cultures. With a wealth of experience in the industry, he has actively engaged in collaborative projects, empowering small businesses to streamline their operations and embrace digital transformation successfully.   In particular, Dr. Kang has been a… Continue reading Jae Won Kang

Olha Lyeskakova

Olha Lyeskakova is a Marketing and Business Development Manager with over 20 years of experience in Ukraine, Europe, and Australia. She has held senior roles in marketing and business development¬†in manufacturing and distribution, across IT, mining, insurance, and services. Olha has led the introduction of multiple innovations in Australia and overseas, and has a proven… Continue reading Olha Lyeskakova

Anas Khawam

Anas is a digital business advisor with over 19 years of experience in Sydney, Egypt, and Syria. He specializes in providing valuable advice and support to small businesses, helping them grow and succeed locally. Anas is an expert in business digitization, website development, online services, social media, and digital marketing. He is also proficient in… Continue reading Anas Khawam