Yesica Alfonso

Yesica Alfonso has a mission to empower small businesses and startups to unlock their full potential so they can thrive and make the most out of the digital era. For over 6 years, she has made an impact in the industry by being the voice of truth for businesses and startups. Yesica has guided businesses… Continue reading Yesica Alfonso

Pulkit Agrawal

Pulkit has built a solid foundation in the field of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for over 15 years. Recognised as one of the Top 20 Australian Digital Marketers in 2022 by The Australian Business Journal, he has demonstrated consistent success in his field. Throughout his professional journey, Pulkit has collaborated with a wide range of… Continue reading Pulkit Agrawal

Sara Berry

Sara is a creative marketing and advertising professional with over 20 years of experience. She is passionate about helping businesses connect with their customers through meaningful and impactful marketing campaigns. Sara began her career in London, where she was mentored by some of the original admen. She quickly learned the importance of creativity, strategy, and… Continue reading Sara Berry

Babette Bottin

Babette is an expert in cyber risk management and data protection. A highly sought-after advisor, trainer and presenter in the world of cybersecurity, Babette has advised over 650 small businesses. Living by the mantra ‘lost data means lost trust’, Babette is passionate about helping businesses and organisations of all sizes to protect their data, their… Continue reading Babette Bottin

Rich Evans

  Rich is one of the original pioneers in Australia of using the internet for business. In 1997, he built his first website and started his agency, REDD in 2000. He has designed and built over 500 websites. Richs’ first book, “Click Here – A Guide to making the Internet Work for business”, was published… Continue reading Rich Evans

Simon Gould

  Simon is a passionate digital marketing specialist with over 20 years of experience helping businesses and individuals achieve their online goals. He has a proven track record of success in driving traffic, generating leads, and increasing sales. For more than two decades, he’s worked with some of Australia’s largest (and smallest) brands supporting their… Continue reading Simon Gould

Megan Hauptfleisch

Specifically in corporate for FMCG, and telecommunications and most recently as the Managing Director of Bespoke Marketing Co – a digital marketing agency. Some of her clients include the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade Australian Volunteers Program, Caulfield Racecourse Reserve Trust and the Grit and Resilience Project. Zali also has a Graduate Diploma in… Continue reading Megan Hauptfleisch

Tim Noye

Tim is a highly experienced and accredited business coach with over 25 years’ diverse experience in hospitality, entrepreneurship and business management consulting including advisory work on major government infrastructure projects.    As a serial entrepreneur, Tim has grown his own enterprises to seven figures in revenue and understands the importance of using the right digital software… Continue reading Tim Noye

Russell Pearson

With 25 years’ experience in brand strategy, marketing and sales, Russell has worked with businesses across a range of industries. A brand strategist, Russell leads with passion, humour and insight in every presentation.  Commencing with professional promotional work in 1995, his experience in direct mail marketing and creative design was at the forefront of the… Continue reading Russell Pearson

Therese Tarlinton

Therese Tarlinton is so passionate about small business owners collaborating on marketing, she wrote the book on how to do it.  “SWAP! Marketing without Money” became an Amazon best seller  in the small business category and ignited a movement for brand collaboration, showing how working together improved profitability, credibility and visibility. Therese knows what it feels… Continue reading Therese Tarlinton